What do you want?

I would appreciate help with a variety of projects, but here are two things that are easy to coordinate through the internet:

1. I’m building an interactive map. I’m using Inform 7, which is a programming language meant for making text adventure games, or interactive fiction if you want to be fancy. The map is illustrated, and I’d appreciate help adding to it. Each area is illustrated with at least one 16:9 image and a brief text description. The map covers The City, so anyplace in any city you find interesting might be good for the project. Get in touch and we can figure out the details.

2. I’d like to organize some trade portfolios. There is a gallery in Norman, Oklahoma (Dreamer Concepts) that I’ve dealt with in the past, and I think we could get the portfolios shown there. Also, I’ve got access, for now, to a gallery space in a hotel in Oklahoma. There are some restrictions on what they will let us show, as they are a business and don’t want controversy. I may have a line on a place in Missouri, but that’s still up in the air.

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